Oh, Yes! Summer is coming. But Domo Hair users may worry about it. Come on, relax. I know most people may wonder if we can use Domo Hair during hot summer. Will we get really sweaty and feel muggy? According our CEO Steve of More Fun House, the answer will be yes if we use traditional wigs. However, Domo Hair may amaze you because of the following facts.                                                                              



CEO Steve who wore Domo Hair every day mentioned that even he had oily skin and sweated easily, but Domo Hair did not make him any uncomfortable feelings. That means if the temperature is Celsius 30 degree, we will feel like exactly 30 degree. But it is impossible to make you feel like 20 degree. That would be ridiculous. 

Our material is like the high quality of clothes. You cannot feel it because it is extremely light. We can confidently say that Domo Hair is almost like our own hair. CEO Steve shared his own story. Once he went to convenience store to buy newspaper. The clerk and other customers gave him a weird look. He unconsciously touched his head. Guess what? He forgot to wear Domo Hair. That was so embarrassing.


As a matter of fact, I had the same experience, too. Domo Hair is lightless. Once, I was too tired and forgot that I had Domo Hair with me. And I went shower. You know what? It was really OK if we wear it and wash our hair. I know we can wear it to swim and wash our hair, but I never try it until that time. I was thinking “Wow! Domo Hair is really cool.”


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