Domo Hair is excellent.  


Why do we choose Domo Hair?

為什麼選擇 Domo Hair?



1 All the hair designers offer professional advice for your hair loss situation for free.




2 More Fun House owns fifteen directly managed stores whose reputation can guarantee your purchase.

魔髮部屋全省擁有15家直營門市, 直接保障您的消費.


3 To see is to believe. We have uncountable videos and pictures of our witnesses who can prove the amazing effect of Domo Hair.

眼見為憑! 我們有難以計算的見證影片及照片, 再再證實科技假髮的驚人效果.


4 On Youtube, you can find many teaching videos about our Domo Hair.

 在 Youtube上, 可以找到許多Domo Hair 相關教學影片.


5 Our Domo Hair is tailor-made for every customer. But, if you are not satisfied with your Domo Hair, we can refund your deposit. The reason is because we are confident our quality is the best.

Domo Hair是為每位顧客量身訂做的, 但我們可做到滿意再付費; 因為我們有自信Domo Hair品質是經得起考驗.



6 Domo Hair is not like traditional wigs. Domo Hair allows us to sleep, swim, wash our head, and even do bungee jumping. Domo Hair is almost 100% like our own hair.

 Domo Hair 不像是傳統假髮, 我們可以戴著睡覺, 游泳, 洗頭, 甚至高空彈跳; Domo Hair幾乎100%像我們自己的頭髮.


7 ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SGS guarantee the quality of Domo Hair.

 Domo Hair的品質是有ISO 9001, ISO14001國際雙認證及SGS無毒檢測.


8 We offer one-year warrantee for Domo Hair.

Domo Hair享有一年售後服務保固.



9 Our hair designers can make every hairstyle you want. Besides, no one can tell that you wear a wig.

 門市設計師可做到您要的任何髮型; 此外, 旁人無法看出您有配戴假髮.


10 The CEO Steve of More Fun House uses Domo Hair every day. CEO Steve wears the most confident smile after using Domo Hair.

 魔髮部屋品牌執行長Steve每天使用Domo Hair. 有了Domo Hair, 執行長臉上總是戴著最自信的笑容.



Trust us. Trust Domo Hair. Choose Domo Hair and you can be young again.

相信我們. 相信Domo Hair. 選擇Domo Hair, 您可以再度年輕!

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